Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Volvo 242 GT

The Volvo 242 GT is is commonly referred to as the worlds best classic Volvo. Its style and rear wheel drive made it a happy drifter in the good old days. This Volvo is no slouch. It had at the time in 1979 140 horsepower mated to a four speed manual. It was rear wheel drive and was very fun to drive. There was a 2.3 engine, 5 cylinder that later became well known for adding turbochargers and increasing torque and horsepower. Simply put, it was an awesome Volvo. Enjoy the Cool and Awesome Pictures of The Volvo 242 GT. Pictures are from Google images, and they are awesome! Thanks Google!


  1. actually its 4 cylinders, much more reliable and stronger then the 5 cylinders which was introduced with the 1993 850 and v70

  2. i own a all stock 1980 volvo 242 gt,i was wondering if i put on a stock turbo from a volvo 240 dl will everything workout? or am i going to blow my motor cause of my compression?

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