Friday, March 25, 2011

Volvo S60R Overview and Pictures

Hello Guys! Here are some nice pictures of the S60R, one of Volvo's finest cars ever built. Enjoy! Pictures Courtesy of google images. All from legitimate sources. Volvo S60 R pictures of the interior is mind blowing, just look at the orange natural leather! Enjoy! Purely, One of Volvo's best cars ever built, this S60 R packs 300 horsepower with available 6 speed manual gearbox mated to All Wheel Drive system. This is Awesome Work Volvo! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Volvo S60R

The Volvo s60R is a great car. It has AWD , 300 horsepower, and comes optional with a six speed manual. The only car that comes close is the subaru wrs sti. That car combines the awd and the 300 horsepower however, Volvo wins the game in the reliability department. Volvo's engines run way past 200,000 miles with relative ease and low maintenance. Owning a Volvo is a pure pleasure